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Luneng, who has been invincible in four league rounds, ushered in a direct contest with Shenzhen, the chaser behind, after a four-goal victory in the FA Cup to stop bleeding. It is also a key battle for the top four qualifications. Luneng has formed a 4411 formation. After a week of rest, most of the main players are ready to play. Han Rongze returns to the main goalkeeper. Liu Junshuai and Kadar partner in the center back. Zheng Zheng returns to the left back for the second time in the season. In the defensive midfielder, Duan Liuyu became the right midfielder, and the gradually recovering form of Gerdes started as a free agent behind Pellet for the first time in the season. The injured Fellaini and Hao Junmin also returned to the bench. Shenzhen, whose performance has improved after the coaching change, is also the elite. The formation swings between 433 and 4141. Cernas is the core midfielder, and the striker Gao Lin, Prey and Mali strikes together.


After the opening, Shenzhen’s frontcourt impact once made Luneng’s defense tense and sent opponents a lot of set kicks. The two smaller midfielders still suffered a bit in physical confrontation, but Zheng Zheng and Wu Xinghan were completely strangled on the left. The poor state of Prey also made center Mali difficult to support; then Luneng, who was in good physical condition, used his overall advantage to make good presses and counterattacks. In the 13th minute, goalkeeper Daehan stole the ball from Da Lei and threw the ball long and fast. Served, Zhang Chi rushed in from the right and sent a pick pass. Pellet’s broad chest turned into a pivot. Liu Yu easily scored. I don’t know if the whole goal process was too fast to make the linesman hallucinated. This obvious strike actually raised the flag. Signaled for offside. Fortunately, the VAR referee made a valid scoring gesture without watching the replay;

开幕后,深圳的前场冲击曾经使鲁能的防守变得紧张,并给对手带来了很多踢球机会。两位较小的中场球员仍然遭受了一些身体上的对抗,但是郑铮和吴兴汉完全被勒死在左边。恶劣的捕食状况也使马里中部难以支撑。然后身体状况良好的鲁能利用自己的整体优势做出了良好的压制和反击。在第13分钟,守门员大韩(Daehan)从达欧宝体育app蕾(Da Lei)抢走了皮球,并将球又快又快地扔了出去。上任后,张驰从右路突入并发送了一张横传球。佩莱特的宽胸变成了枢轴。刘宇轻松得分。我不知道整个目标过程是否太快而无法使巡边员产生幻觉。这一明显的罢工实际上升起了旗帜。越位示意。幸运的是,VAR裁判在没有观看重播的情况下做出了有效的计分手势。

Then the game entered the time of Geddes, and Xiao Ge, who was in good physical condition and game attitude, brought Luneng the short-lived counterattack speed in the previous stage, breakthrough depth and frontcourt organization and scheduling; the 28th minute was another classic After stealing a high-speed counterattack, Guedes scored an impressive long shot, but it was a pity that Moises' foul in the previous steal did not escape the VAR's eyes, and Xiaoge missed his first league goal of the season;


However, before the end of the half-time, it was Xiaoge’s dispatch pass that allowed Wu Xinghan to form a single take on the left. Pellet made a penalty and reached the 50th goal in the Super League in his 100th game. Luneng Entering the second half with a two-goal advantage, the game seems to be set.


Shenzhen, which was behind the score, made substitution adjustments at halftime. Biforma played for Mali as the right winger, Prey moved to the left, and Gao Lin became the center forward. Trident's running position and athletic ability in the frontcourt were more flexible; Luneng, who led the two goals, obviously carried the burden of seeking stability on his back and lost ground. In the 64th minute, the marshal made a tender foul in the penalty area and was taken off by Gao Lin, who was slightly exaggerated and took a penalty. This sensitive one was 1:2. The score started to scare people;

比分落后的深圳在中场休息时进行了换人调整。 Biforma效力于马里,担任右路得分手,Prey移至左边,高林成为前锋的中锋。三叉戟在前场的跑位和运动能力更加灵活。领导这两个进球的鲁能显然背负着寻求稳定的重任,并迷失了方向。在第64分钟,法警在罚球区犯规,被高Lin带走,后者略为夸大并罚了点球。这个敏感的是1:2。分数开始吓到人们了。

Seeing hope, Shenzhen continues to strengthen its offensive, while Luneng has basically lost its dominance of the game. The main purpose of Li Dao's continuous substitution adjustments is to strengthen the hardness of the defense. Fellaini, Guo Tianyu, Liu Yang and Wang Tong have appeared on the stage. And Lao Mo also struggled to get injured in the final moments of the game; Luneng, who used up the number of substitutions, played one less man and survived the last few minutes, defending three points, and most of his body has already reached the threshold of the championship group, but it is not up. The huge contrast in the control of the game in the second half showed that the mental state of the team was still unstable and immature at the critical moment. The second stage and the FA Cup are all knockout games. When each game is a life-and-death battle, whether the team can bear the pressure and learn from the lessons of the FA Cup finals for two consecutive years, the temperament of the team and the coach is still worrying. .

看到希望,深圳继续加强进攻,而鲁能基本上失去了比赛的主导地位。李道的连续换人调整的主要目的是加强防守的难度。费莱尼,郭天宇,刘洋和王彤现身舞台。老莫也在比赛的最后时刻努力受伤。换人次数用光的鲁能少打了一个人,并在最后几分钟幸存下来,保卫了3分,他的大部分身体已经达到了总冠军的门槛,但并没有上升。下半场比赛控制上的巨大反差表明,球队的精神状态在关键时刻欧宝体育app仍然不稳定且不成熟。第二阶段和足总杯都是淘汰赛。当每场比赛都是一场生死战时,球队是否能够承受压力并连续两年从足总杯决赛中汲取教训,球队和教练的气质仍令人担忧。 。

The other two four key battles that ended after the Lu Shen war, Suning drew with Shenhua, and R&F beat Dalian, allowing Luneng to basically lock the top four in the group and tie Suning in the standings, and compete for the group with the superiority in the second two rounds. The second place is promising; the fourth team of Shenhua, Shenzhen, R&F and Dalian will compete fiercely for the last place in the championship group. The fiercely competitive Group A is about to show up. See you in Suzhou!


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