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This is the most intuitive interpretation of the three words "Zhong Nanshan" in the eyes of many people. It is precisely because of Academician Zhong Nanshan’s innocent feelings of serving the country for the people, swearing to live and die with the people in times of crisis, and telling the truth to do practical things, that he stands out from the group of scientists and doctors who "would not have received such high attention." Become a national internet celebrity and idol whose popularity, appearance rate and sense of presence can crush many entertainment stars.

这是许多人眼中对“中南山”三个词的最直观的解释。正是由于钟南山院士天真无邪的为人民服务于国家,发誓在危机时期与人民同住并为实事求是而讲真话的,才使他在科学家和科学家中脱颖而出。 “不会受到如此高的关注”的医生。成为全国互联网名人和偶像,其知名度,出现率和存在感会压垮许多娱乐明星。

On the Internet, the "fancy compliments" of the common people to Academician Zhong Nanshan can be described as a variety of things-the patron saint of health for the Chinese people, the warrior of the unparalleled nation, the brave warrior, the most beautiful retrograde, the needle of the sea, the living bodhisattva, the first person to fight the epidemic... Behind all kinds of titles,


Speaking of foreigners who are most similar to Academician Zhong Nanshan, there is nothing more like Anthony Fauci, the chief anti-epidemic expert in the United States. The age of about 80 years old, the authoritative status in infectious diseases, the love and persistence in sports, the government’s senior consultants, working in a row during the epidemic, etc., are all what Dr. Fauci is called the "American version" Zhong Nanshan" reason. However, to say that the two people are most similar, it is still in the aspect of "dare to tell the truth."

说到与钟南山院士最相似的外国人,再没有比美国首席抗流行病专家安东尼·富奇(Anthony Fauci)更像了。 Fauci博士称之为“美国版”,大约80岁的年龄,传染病的权威地位,对运动的热爱和执着,政府的高级顾问,在流行病期间连续工作等等。 “钟南山”的理由,然而,要说两个人最相似,那仍然是在“敢说实话”方面。

On the issue of the US epidemic, President Trump often makes impromptu speeches that are too politicized and unmarginal. This makes Fauci as the chief expert sometimes have to make his own helpless choice between scientific spirit and political games. For the American people, fortunately, Dr. Fauci chose the former because he allowed the American people to hear the most authentic, authoritative and rational voice.


Since Dr. Fauci’s and Trump’s remarks are too much, we can only list them briefly. For example, Trump previously stated that the chloroquine test on confirmed patients has achieved positive results and suggested that the drug may become a "magic drug for the treatment of new crowns"


For another example, when Trump tried to stigmatize China and equated the new crown virus with Chinese geographical names, Dr. Fauci made it clear that he "


On the one hand, politicians have tried to guide public opinion time and time again, shifting people’s attention to other areas instead of taking practical and effective measures to deal with the epidemic; on the other hand, Dr. Fauci is loyal to the spirit of scientists and doctors time and time again. A rational and responsible attitude towards the people and patients. No wonder some people say that it’s too difficult for Dr. Fauci to stand by the president.


The most dramatic scene between the doctor and the president was the "fighting" at the press conference on March 20. That day, when the President was enthusiastically "exposing himself about his family ugliness" and putting the "shadow government" on the table to talk about, Dr. Fauci smiled, lowered his head helplessly, and stroked his forehead. That seemingly frowned upon, as if happy or not, let everything be silent.


In addition to the daily routine of "touching his head" in government work, Dr. Fauci's popular science work is also worth mentioning. In recent months, Dr. Fauci, who is nearly 80 years old, has been walking around various media like an entertainment star, telling everyone about the basic situation, knowledge and rational response measures of the epidemic. On March 26, the former captain of the high school basketball team even connected with NBA superstar Stephen Curry and held a "live Q&A session" on the new coronavirus on the Instagram live platform.

除了在政府工作中“摸摸脑袋”的日常工作外,福西博士的科普工作也值得一提。近几个月来,已近80岁的Fauci博士像娱乐明星一样在各种媒体上走来走去,向所有人介绍了这一流行病的基本情况,知识和合理的应对措施。 3月26日,高中篮球队的前任队长甚至与NBA超级巨星史蒂芬·库里(Stephen Curry)建立了联系,并在Instagram直播平台上举行了关于新冠状病毒的“直播问答环节”。

The title of chief epidemic prevention expert, coupled with the halo of an NBA superstar, has no small appeal to fans who are concerned about the new crown epidemic. According to statistics, nearly 50,000 viewers watched the live broadcast in less than half an hour. The audience who made comments on the live broadcast included stars such as Curry’s former teammate Iguodala and Barbosa, singer Justin Bieber, etc. Even former US President Barack Obama came to join in the fun.

首席防流行病专家的头衔,再加上NBA超级巨星的光环,对关注新皇冠流行病的球迷来说具有不小的吸引力。据统计,不到半小时,就有近50,000名观众收看了现场直播。在现场直播中发表评论的观众包括Curry的前队友Iguodala和Barbosa,歌手Justin Bieber等明星,甚至美国前总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)都加入了这场狂欢。

Dr. Fauci's rational, professional, and cautious attitude is also evident in this dialogue. When Curry asked one of the most concerned questions of all NBA fans-when will sports events like the NBA come back, Fauci briefly described the trend that the epidemic development curve of various countries such as China and South Korea has begun to decline, and It pointed out that “to return to normal to some extent, at least the entire country needs to reach that inflection point, and the data begins to decline”


As of April 8, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States has exceeded 400,000, and the death toll has reached more than 12,000. However, the U.S. government has begun to consider resuming work. I don’t know about Dr. Fauci, who is hard-working and tiring all day. After knowing these news, what kind of expression will he look at the man standing in the center of the front desk of the press conference...


Among the characters in the famous French comic "The Heroes of Gaul", there is a white-bearded hero who can make magical potions named Pano Hamix. He is the most respected druid in the village, and everyone only knows Where he eats, drinks, hangs out and fights, he is a recognized wise man, a father-like figure, and only he can save the entire community from falling into a state of complete anarchy. The French doctor and microbiologist Didier Raoult, who has long hair, resembled the "magic drug Druid" not only in appearance, but also in his

在著名的法国漫画《高卢英雄》中,有一个白胡子的英雄,可以制作神奇的药水,叫做帕诺·哈米克斯(Pano Hamix)。他是村里最受尊敬的德鲁伊,每个人都只知道他在哪里吃饭,喝酒,闲逛和打架,他是一个公认的聪明人,是一个像父亲一样的人物,只有他才能拯救整个社区免于陷入困境。完全无政府状态。留着长发的法国医生和微生物学家迪迪埃·拉乌特(Didier Raoult)不仅在外观上,而且在他的外表上都类似于“神奇药物德鲁伊”。

In the case of a severe epidemic in France and lack of specific medicines, Dr. Hawult insisted on using clinical trials to speak, and announced on March 16 that 24 patients had a miraculous cure effect of 75% after 6 days. Although Raoult’s "magic drug test" caused great controversy due to possible side effects and insufficient clinical samples, he himself insisted that healers should live up to the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, instead of leaving behind dying. Of patients, but do nothing by themselves. It can be said that the most similar place between Dr. Larwut and Academician Zhong Nanshan is not their attitude towards chloroquine (Academician Zhong is much more cautious), but that they also dare to be the first character of the world and will also go all out to help patients. spirit.


At his insistence, 36 hospitals in France have begun a clinical trial of 1,300 high-risk patients taking hydroxychloroquine, and European and global scientists are also studying his proposed clinical trials in larger-scale controlled trials. treatment solutions.


In France, the number of views of the new crown virus-related videos released by Dr. Raoult often exceeds the number of views of the government’s evening press conferences. If the final results show that Dr. Raoult’s insistence is correct, we may not be even worse. It’s hard to understand why someone chanted on Facebook "


Professor Giampiero-Giron, who is 85 years old, suddenly became popular on the Internet some time ago, not because he has been fighting on the front line of the war against the epidemic like Academician Zhong Nanshan, but because he returned after retirement. Italy is one of the most severely affected countries in the world. As of March 24, its death toll has exceeded 6,000. By April 6, the number had more than 15,000, more than doubled. But it was at the almost darkest hour on the 24th that the news that Professor Geelong had responded to the government's call and returned to work came out, which surprised people.


You should know that due to the rapid increase in the number of patients, the medical resources available in Italy at that stage were almost exhausted. Some doctors also broke the news that Italian hospitals had begun to restrict the use of respirators for patients over 60. The 85-year-old has already belonged to the high-fatality group of new coronavirus infections, and the profession of anesthesiologists is also the most vulnerable group of high-risk groups of aerosol infection. In other words, once Mr. Geelong is unfortunately infected with the new crown virus, he may not even have the opportunity to use a ventilator!


Taking a step back, front-line doctors are not as indispensable as Academician Zhong Nanshan. The chief epidemic prevention expert who can stand at the top of the anti-epidemic system, plus the diagnosis ratio of at least 9% of medical staff in Italy, Professor Giron has 100. Reasons to refuse to comeback!


Perhaps, Mr. Geelong’s remarks when talking about retirement age best interpret his state of mind: “For thousands of years, we have used the astronomical phenomenon of'the earth revolves around the sun' rather than physiological phenomena to estimate a person’s life. , This is as absurd as measuring a bottle of wine with a tape measure.

吉朗先生在谈到退休年龄时的话也许最能说明他的心态:“几千年来,我们一直使用天文学上的“地球围绕太阳旋转”而不是生理现象来估计一个人的生活。 ,这就像用卷尺测量一瓶酒一样荒谬。

As of April 6, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of the new crown in Germany has exceeded 100,000, which is more than 20,000 less than that of Italy, but the death toll is only one-tenth of that of Italy. In addition to the difference in the average age of patients between the two countries and Germany's own strong medical resources, Germany's relatively strong virus detection capabilities are also the main reasons for this disparity. According to estimates by the German Medical Association, the country can perform 12,000 virus tests every day, and it is Dr. Drosten who developed a rapid test method for the new coronavirus early.


Public opinion generally believes that Dr. Dr. Drosten is the "German version of Zhong Nanshan", and his professional authority is rare in Germany. When another well-known virology expert Kekule was asked who could develop a vaccine in Germany first, his answer was only one-Drosten.


In addition, Dr. Drosten’s public communication skills and even his appearance are well recognized by fans.


Although he is now an adviser to the government, Dr. Drossten also, like Dr. Fauci, is constantly emphasizing his independence as a scientist. When encountering difficult situations, he does not allow him to act like muddy mud. of. Therefore, "dare to speak, dare to say don't know" can be regarded as Drosten's distinctive label.


On March 10, German Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed to the world that 60%-70% of Germans may be infected with the new crown. This has caused a huge response from all walks of life. The first predictor of 67% of the national infection data is Drosten. In fact, this data itself comes from Drosten's estimation based on pure virology theory, and does not include other factors such as the success of vaccine development, further isolation measures, and the decline in the spread of the virus after mutation. The reason why Drosten "speaks righteously",

3月10日,德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)向全世界透露,可能有60%-70%的德国人感染了新皇冠。这引起了社会各界的巨大反响。全国感染数据的67%的第一个预测因子是Drosten。实际上,这些数据本身来自Drosten基于纯病毒学理论的估计,并不包括其他因素,例如疫苗开发的成功,进一步的隔离措施以及突变后病毒传播的减少。 Drosten之所以“讲正确”的原因,

An interview on March 21 also highlighted the independence of Dr. Drosten from politicians. When the reporter asked him what he thinks about the recent closure of schools in Germany, and whether this approach is correct, he did not ambiguity, but said directly: "I don't know. This decision goes beyond the epidemiological training like me. The scope of the virologist’s capabilities. It’s not until later to know if this is the right time."


If you observe carefully, you will find that the person called "Japan's first person to fight the epidemic" by the Japanese people is neither an epidemiologist nor a frontline doctor, but a young politician. This is not to say that Japan's medical and epidemic prevention system is ineffective. The main reason is that the attention of this politician is too high, and it is difficult for fans to turn their attention away from him. This person who was as hot as Academician Zhong Nanshan during the fight against the epidemic in Japan was the Governor of Hokkaido, Naomi Suzuki.


The governor, in terms of administrative level, is equivalent to the governor of a province. The governor of Suzuki not only made great achievements in politics at a young age, but also had a beauty comparable to idol stars, which attracted countless female fans. Although it has been repeatedly exposed because of the hard-core fight against the epidemic, it is always his appearance to discuss more in his news comment area. I don't know what the governor himself knows what these expressions will be.


Let’s talk about the anti-epidemic deeds that made Governor Suzuki popular on the Internet: On February 26, the day before Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the temporary suspension of primary and secondary schools across the country from March 2, Governor Suzuki, the regional chief executive, first announced Hokkaido. 1,600 primary and secondary schools across the country will be suspended for one week from the 27th. You must know that there is no precedent in Japanese history for the suspension of classes due to the epidemic. When the government was unable to form a unified decision-making opinion, he "please start from the beginning" and risk the world's bad faith. He undoubtedly pushed himself to the forefront. Facing criticism, Governor Suzuki said: "


The youngest governor, the first to actively carry out nucleic acid testing, the first to insist on holding a press conference every day, the first to announce the closure of schools, the first to wear a mask to hold a press conference, and the first to declare a state of emergency... … Governor Suzuki, who has never lost his courage, will have an unlimited future.


On March 22, an article in the British "Guardian" once cited Chris Whitty as a household name in epidemic prevention experts, alongside Fauci, Drossten and others, but according to the current severe situation in the UK and Whitty himself From the two points of being infected with the new crown virus, in any case, we cannot call it the British version of "Zhong Nanshan" just because of the position. To be honest, the performance of the group of makers of the British epidemic prevention strategy so far has been mediocre. It is precisely because of the severe criticism of the British epidemic prevention system that the "dare to tell the truth" British editor-in-chief Richard Horton entered the public eye.

3月22日,英国《卫报》上的一篇文章曾引用克里斯·惠蒂(Chris Whitty)与福西(Fauci),德罗斯滕(Drossten)等人一起作为防疫专家的家喻户晓的名字,但根据英国和惠蒂本人当前的严峻形势,从两点出发在任何情况下,由于被冠状新病毒感染,我们不能仅仅因为其位置而将其称为英式“中南山”。坦白说,到目前为止,英国防疫策略制定者的表现平平。正是由于对英国防疫体系的严厉批评,英国总编辑理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)的“敢于说实话”进入了公众视野。

At first, Richard Horton, like many ordinary people, believed that the new crown virus was only "moderately transmissible and low pathogenic," and there was no reason to use exaggerated language to cause panic. But as the epidemic in China and the world deepened, he realized the seriousness of the problem. On January 29, Richard Horton had already begun to point out that “in the areas affected by the epidemic should immediately seriously consider substantive measures to restrict population movement, and even severe measures...”.

最初,理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)和许多普通百姓一样,认为这种新的冠状病毒只是“中等程度的传播和低致病性”,因此没有理由使用夸大的语言引起恐慌。但是随着中国乃至世界流行病的加深,他意识到了问题的严重性。 1月29日,理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)已经开始指出:“在受到流行病影响的地区,应立即认真考虑采取实质性措施限制人口流动,甚至采取严厉措施……”

Since then, Richard Horton's attitude towards the UK's epidemic prevention work has gradually evolved from anticipation and worry to disappointment and criticism. On March 10, he said on Twitter: “The decision of the British government not to take the “postponement” may be understandable, but it is a mistake. As a British expert epidemiologist told me last night, Their decision is'very disappointing, and the UK should immediately take more active social distancing measures'." On March 26, Richard Horton's anger reached a point where he was on a BBC show. The UK’s anti-epidemic measures were violently approved as "

从那时起,理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)对英国防疫工作的态度已从预期和忧虑逐渐演变为失望和批评。 3月10日,他在推特上说:“英国政府不采取“推迟”的决定可能是可以理解的,但这是一个错误。正如英国专家流行病学家昨晚告诉我的那样,他们的决定非常令人失望,英国应立即采取更积极的社会疏远措施。” 3月26日,理查德·霍顿(Richard Horton)的愤怒达到了他在BBC节目中的表现。英国的抗流行措施被暴力批准为“

As one of the discoverers of the Ebola virus, Muyanbe-Tamform was selected as one of the top ten scientific figures of the year published by Nature magazine. He is a veteran of the town army facing the epidemic.


When the Ebola virus first appeared in Yambuku, a small town by the river in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in 1976, Dr. Muyanbe-Tamfum, who examined patients, was on the verge of death. Since the entire hospital was not equipped with gloves, when


As the saying goes, if you survive a catastrophe, there must be a blessing. Later, under the leadership of Dr. Muyanbe Tamfum, the Democratic Republic of Congo successfully responded to nine Ebola outbreaks. Because of his outstanding contributions in the fight against the Ebola epidemic, the people of the entire Democratic Republic of the Congo regard him as a national hero.

俗话说,如果您幸免于难,那就一定有福了。后来,在Muyanbe Tamfum博士的领导下,刚果民主共和国成功应对了9次埃博拉疫情。由于他在打击埃博拉疫情方面的杰出贡献,整个刚果民主共和国人民都将他视为民族英雄。

This time, in the face of the raging new crown virus, the veteran who is the head of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went out again to fight for this land he loves. He himself stated that all the efforts made by the African people to fight against the Ebola virus will play a role in the defense against the new coronavirus. Although the current anti-epidemic situation on the African continent is relatively severe, we believe that under the guidance and blessing of this spiritual leader, the African people will eventually tide over the difficulties.


The key figure leading the Greek epidemic prevention and control system is Sotiris-Ciodras, the chief scientist of the Greek Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When many European countries were "fighting against the epidemic" in the Buddhist system, the Greek epidemic prevention system led by Ciodras adopted an active strategy to continuously adjust and upgrade the country's epidemic prevention work by closing borders, closing shipping, closing public places and even prohibiting Coercive measures such as swimming in the sea blocked the spread of the new coronavirus.


The data shows that the same is ten million


Since March 15th, as the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Ciodras will meet with the public at 6 o'clock in the afternoon every day.


Anagnostopoulos, the founder of SciCo, a technology communications consulting company, said of the "star" professor: "He is one of us. He is humble, humble, and caring, but it is undeniable that he He is also a top expert.” The heart-warming qualities shown by Professor Ciodras may be related to his being a devout Christian. He used to go to the Greek church to chant hymns as a member of the choir on weekends, but

科技交流咨询公司SciCo的创始人Anagnostopoulos谈到“明星”教授时说:“他是我们中的一员。他谦虚,谦虚和关心他人,但不可否认的是,他还是一位顶级专家。 ” Ciodras教授表现出的令人心动的品质可能与他虔诚的基督徒有关,他曾经在周末去希腊教堂为合唱团成员赞美赞美诗,但是

In a recent interview, Professor Cioderlas also spoke highly of China's performance in combating the new crown pneumonia epidemic, saying that China's efforts in prevention and control and drug development have brought hope for the global fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Such a heart-warming professor is hard for people not to love.


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