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   The film "Winning the Championship", which tells the struggle of several generations of Chinese women's volleyball team, "exploded" the film market in the National Day file. This National Day holiday, the Chinese women's seated volleyball team stationed at the Shanghai Disabled Culture and Sports Promotion Center, inspired by the spirit of "hard work, never give up" women's volleyball team, actively prepares for the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Their goal is to win the championship. .

讲述了几代中国女排的奋斗历程的电影“夺冠”在国庆节档案中“炸开”了电影市场。国庆假期,中国女排坐在上海残疾人文化体育促进中心,受到“努力,永不放弃”女排精神的鼓舞,积极为东京残奥会做准备。他们的目标是赢得冠军。 。

  The main difference between the disabled seated volleyball and the able-bodied indoor volleyball is that the hip cannot leave the ground when hitting the ball. Since women's seated volleyball became an official event at the Athens Paralympic Games in 2004, the Chinese women's seated volleyball team has won three consecutive championships at the Athens Paralympics, Beijing Paralympics and London Paralympics. However, at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, the Chinese team, facing the alternation of the old and the new, was defeated by the American team and won a silver medal. "We want to win back next time" became the voice of the players.

残疾人坐式排球和健壮的室内排球之间的主要区别是击球时臀部不能离开地面。自从2004年女子排球成为雅典残奥会的正式比赛以来,中国女子排球队已经连续三届夺得雅典残奥会,北京残奥会和伦敦残奥会的冠军。然而,在2016年里约残奥会上,面对新旧交替的中国队被美国队击败并获得银牌。 “我们想下次再赢”成为了球员们的声音。

  Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics originally scheduled to be held in 2020 have been postponed, disrupting the training plan of the Chinese women's sitting volleyball national team. In May of this year, the team members returned to the training base for closed training until the opening of the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Xu Huimin, the coach of the Chinese women's sitting volleyball national team, told reporters that given that the players usually have their own lives and jobs, under normal circumstances, training sessions will only start a few months before important events such as the Paralympic Games. However, the women's sitting volleyball has high expectations, so the team members put aside their work and time with their families, and came to Shanghai for more than a year of long-term training.


   At the training site, the players have the upper limbs to control the ball flexibly, the lower limbs to move quickly, strong serve, fast offense, and tacit cooperation. Some team members also take the initiative to practice, and some team members learn from each other while warming up.


   Xu Yixiao is the main player in the team. She was a professional volleyball player and started sitting volleyball career after being disabled due to injury. "The skills of sitting volleyball are completely different from those of professional volleyball. When I first started contacting sitting volleyball, I even felt that I couldn't move at all. Then I started to learn the basic skills." Xu Yixiao said, "To some extent. Said that sitting volleyball for the disabled is more difficult than indoor volleyball for the able-bodied."

徐一晓是团队中的主欧宝体育app要球员。她是一名专业的排球运动员,因伤致残后开始参加排球事业。 “坐式排球的技能与职业排球的技能完全不同。当我刚开始接触坐式排球时,我什至觉得我根本无法动弹。然后,我开始学习基本技能。”徐义孝说:“在某种程度上说,残疾人坐排球要比体力健壮的室内排球难得多。”

   For this training camp, Xu Yixiao gave up this year's title examination. "Training is boring. Now that I have decided to come, I have to sit down and play seriously." She said bluntly, "Everyone is passionate about training. We are just rushing to win the Olympic Games in Tokyo. We will do our best!"

对于这个训练营,徐一晓放弃了今年的职称考试。 “训练很无聊。既然我决定来,我必须坐下来认真地比赛。”她直截了当地说:“每个人都对训练充满热情。我们只是在争夺东京奥运会的冠军。我们会尽力而为!”

   The training intensity is high, and the epidemic prevention is also strong. Each dormitory is equipped with a thermometer, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, and nutrition to ensure that the team members can smoothly train from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 5 every day.


   In Xu Huimin's view, the players are in surprisingly good form. "In order to realize the dream of an Olympic champion, everyone's hearts are united. The atmosphere in the team is very good. No one has ever asked for leave because of poor physical fitness. Some old players are even better than the last Paralympic Games. This is the power of faith. , This is the spirit of the women's volleyball team." Xu Huimin said.

在徐惠民看来,球员们的表现出奇的好。 “为了实现奥运会冠军的梦想,每个人的心都团结在一起。车队的气氛非常好。没有人因为身体素质差而要求请假。一些老运动员甚至比上届残奥会更好。这是信念的力量,这是女排的精神。”徐惠民说。

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