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If you switch to a Spurs fan, Green is still in the team and it’s too late. I can’t hate to give him a few rings.


Spurs fans must remember: In the first five games of the 2013 Finals, Danny Green averaged 18 points per game, including 5 three-pointers per game. The three-point shooting percentage was as high as 65.8%. The Spurs also led 3-2. If this play continues again, not only will the Spurs take away the championship one game ahead of time, Green is also expected to win the finals MVP trophy. He was 25 years old that year and had an annual salary of 3.5 million. This was his first contract that was not a basic salary.


Of course, he is not a superstar to change the game, so he made 2 of 19 shots in the next two games, which is reasonable. This Spurs will not blame an engineer player, and before that, not many people knew him until he continued to improve and became the league's number one 3D player.


In the summer of 2015, the Spurs sent a four-year, $40 million contract. Overcoming the middle class means that at any angle, he has crossed the league average.


At that time, Green's second position and Leonard's third position were an unbreakable match. On the one hand, Leonard’s amazing evolution by leaps and bounds, on the other hand, is also Green’s visible degradation: in the 2014-15 season, the contract year averaged 11.7 points, 4.2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1.2 steals and 1.1 blocks, which were all his career highs, plus 41.8%. Three-point shooting. But these five basic stats have also become an insurmountable gulf that he will never cross again. What is even more frustrating is that in the next three regular seasons, his field goal percentage has not exceeded 40% and his scoring has remained in single digits.


Leonard forced the Spurs to trade themselves, the Raptors were willing to send DeRozan, but the difference between the two people's annual salary was close to 10 million, so the Spurs took the initiative to send Green: Green was 30 years old that year and threw 26.7% in the playoffs. His shooting percentage started to be taken over by Brin Forbes. With one year remaining on his contract, the Raptors didn't take him too much as an important role. They only accepted him to balance the deal.

伦纳德强迫马刺进行交易,猛龙队愿意派遣德罗赞,但两人之间的年薪差额接近1000万,因此马刺主动派遣格林:那年格林30岁,就扔了在季后赛中26.7%。他的投篮命中率开始被布林·福布斯(Brin Forbes)接管。合同还剩一年,猛龙队并没有把他当作重要角色。他们只接受他来平衡交易。

As a result, under Nass's command, the situation appeared to two extremes: Danny Green in the regular season, played the starting second position in 80 games throughout the season, and Leonard was still able to shine a dazzling spark, shooting 45.5 % Of three-pointers. He made 0.1 fewer shots at the Spurs than the previous year, but scored a full 1.7 points more. From 38.7% to 46.5%, the difference is a few grades; in the playoffs, but fell off the cliff, returning to a 34.2% shooting rate.


But for Nass and the Raptors, it doesn't matter. Some people here can score, he just needs to defend well. By the way, Leonard is standing next to him, so he can be more confident.


His personal relationship with Leonard was very good long ago.


"We have been together for seven or eight years, twice in the same city, in the same locker room, and he is family to me," Green described Leonard. "We naturally have an excellent friendship."

格林描述伦纳德说:“我们在一起已经七八年了,两次在同一个城市,在同一间更衣室,他是我的家人。” “我们自然有着良好的友谊。”

When he first arrived in the Raptors, Leonard was still a bit cautious. It was Green who told him how to lead by example. So Nas said that Leonard has to say a lot more than before, and he began to use words to lead the team.


They got their wish and won the championship. Green is a trade addition, perhaps negative equity, but he is an important member of the champion Raptors-in another contract year, he fought a turnaround, and when he entered the free agency market again, he was worth more than before. Ten million higher.


In a sense,


money? Self-worth realization? If the former can be satisfied, then whoever is stronger will choose whoever is better.


The Lakers and the Mavericks both promised a starter and an annual salary of 15 million. The former is obviously better, so he signed with the Lakers and got a two-year contract of 30 million. At the age of 32, one almost fell to the bottom salary. The players returned to the championship team as a winner.


This is the second time he has become teammates with LeBron James.


Green started his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. After four years in North Carolina, he was selected by the Cavaliers with the 46th overall pick in the second round in 2009. He played only 115 minutes in his rookie season and averaged 2 points per game.


In the summer of 2010, James switched to the Heat, and the Cavaliers passively entered the high-draft rookie rebuilding period. Before the start of the new season, the Cavaliers cut Green. In his rookie season, he has only been teammates with James on the training ground. He is a complete dragon, and every year the NBA throws hundreds of them.


Then, there is the plot that writers, reporters and old fans love to hear: he was signed by the Spurs and was waived a week later. Not reconciled, he took the initiative to send a text message to Popovich, expressing his willingness to do anything, cleaning up, just asking for a chance. Then there is the story of Shuangwen, all the way to the stage of the finals, with the championship ring engraved with his name.


He and James became teammates again, but the look in his eyes this time was definitely different from before.


Green is sophisticated enough. From another perspective, this is also an important reason why he can survive in the league for 11 years. He is not as angry as Butler, Matthews, and Crowder. He has to emphasize that he is undervalued on any occasion. He is not like Arenas and Thomas Jr. to show off. His experience in the Spurs makes He clearly knows how to keep a low profile and grow secretly. So, whether it was when the Raptors traded him or the Lakers signed him, their expectations of him were on a stable and accurate line, how can we talk about surprises or disappointments?


What the Lakers need is Danny Green, who can start, defend, shoot three-pointers, and stabilize the locker room. They signed as they wished. It has nothing to do with 15 million or 1.5 million.

湖人需要的是丹尼·格林(Danny Green),他可以首发,防守,三分球和稳定更衣室。他们如愿签名。它与1500万或150万无关。

This is his role and value in the alliance.


Green and Leonard are always in a partner state: they are the second and third positions of the starting lineup, and the third and fourth positions of small ball tactics. Their roles have basically not changed. But James is different from Leonard. He is a complete number one position at all times, so Green’s wing partner is actually Bradley and Caldwell Pope, and when James needs to attack When staying, Green's defensive pressure is much greater than usual.


More importantly, in this Lakers, the mobile phone he gets will be better, but also more precious, so when the opportunity comes out, he must invest in it. This was not so harsh during the Spurs and Raptors. Green was naturally prepared. He also took the initiative to find reporters on the sidelines to talk about this matter. "Teams with superstars need role players more. Role players determine how many games they can win and how far they can go in the playoffs. So. The requirements for role players have become even higher. What we can do is seize every opportunity."

更重要的是,在这个湖人队中,他得到的手机会更好,但也会更珍贵,所以当机会来临时,他必须投资。在马刺和猛龙时期,这并不那么苛刻。绿色是自然准备的。他还主动寻找旁观者谈论此事。 “拥有超级巨星的团队需要更多角色扮演者。角色扮演者决定他们可以赢得多少场比赛,以及在季后赛中可以走多远。因此。角色扮演者的要求变得更高。我们要做的就是抓住一切机会。”

Is it polite? Yes. Is it against your will? Nor is it.


Green has never been such a steady shooter. He is nicknamed "Iron Lin" because he can't be trusted too much at critical moments, but Green is fortunate that he is extremely tough and will not dare to shoot because of continuous strikes. Ten years ago, he was cautious, but he almost wandered the world. In the Spurs, the first thing he learned was that shrinking is not being humble, you have to be brave to play.


Therefore, not making excuses is the key reason for Green's excellent reputation over the years. He will repeatedly emphasize that as an old player, he will tell young people the experience, but this is not a guide, it is "learning from each other", "learning from one another", he will occasionally say something that the team would not say before For example, the Spurs were also misdiagnosed, but when he said these inside stories were sleek enough, he has never been so purposeful and aggressive.


He would say some compliments, and then re-enter the subject: For example, when talking about getting along with James ten years ago and ten years later, he said, “James went to Miami to learn how to be a winner, and then gradually became mature and began to grow into a A leader who is comfortable,"


When talking about James, who is 25 and 35 years old, he said: "2009 and 2020 are a long time span. He would also make a sound back then, but he is still learning from Shaq how to be the boss of the team. Learn how to motivate his teammates. Now he can control everything in the game more calmly and simplify the game by putting all his teammates in the right position, so being his teammate is easy."

在谈到25岁和35岁的詹姆斯时,他说:“ 2009年和2020年是很长的时间。他那时也会发出声音,但他仍在向沙克学习欧宝体育app如何成为球队的老板了解如何激励队友。现在,他可以更加冷静地控制游戏中的所有内容,并通过将所有队友置于正确的位置来简化游戏,因此成为队友很容易。”

So, what is the difference between James and Leonard?


"They have a lot of similarities and differences. The common point is that they take the game very seriously, train hard, know how to take care of their bodies, and then lead the team," Green said. "But on the court, LeBron is more like He is a supporter who helps the whole team get better, and Kawai is more accustomed to attacking, attacking, dissecting the opponent's line of defense and forcing the opponent to change. Both of them are excellent defenders, the difference is mainly in offense."

格林说:“他们有很多共同点和不同点。共同点是,他们非常认真地对待比赛,努力训练,懂得如何照顾自己的身体,然后带领球队。” “但是在球场上,勒布朗更像是他是一名支持者,可以帮助整个球队变得更好,而卡哇伊更习惯于进攻,进攻,解剖对手的防守线并迫使对手做出改变。他们俩都很出色。捍卫者,区别主要在于进攻。”

The Lakers' No. 14 is obviously more inclined to teammates, because James is no longer a top defensive player, and Leonard is still a one-defense player; but the first half of the sentence comes to the point: with Davis, James can comfortably Playing his best at number one, the 35-year-old James is using the most economical and practical way to lead the Lakers to the greatest effect.


Evaluating two teammates who have partnered twice, Green has enough say. He has experienced layoffs, decentralization, loss of championships, summits, high salaries, trades, and now he may become a three-team triple crown with historical honors. Throughout his career, both Spurs and Raptors fans sent sincere blessings after he left the team, and he has few opponents.


So what does he think of the dissatisfaction that the Lakers fans have vented in the petition?


The podcast interview he did during the epidemic has already explained his attitude.


"I hope that everyone treats our players as ordinary people. We all experience the same things, face the same ups and downs, success or failure, and also need to get along with others and integrate into the environment. All of us are the same. Green said, "We are just a game player, there is no need to look up to us too much, the same is true for superstars. Only if you blindly worship too much, will there be so much disappointment and dissatisfaction, but friends, you are willing to watch the game and listen. I say this, not because, do we love basketball?"




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